The Team

Our team is comprised of carousel-loving individuals who are (or have been) involved with

large community projects that are ongoing and have been completed.

Our president is the catalyst who resurrected “Judy’s Dream” and recruited carousel-loving individuals with the skill sets needed to accomplish this dream. He’s been actively involved in community leadership for 40+ years developing a broad network of local business owners, Rotarians (near and far), personal friends and acquaintances who admire and respect this recipient of the Chamber of Commerce’s First Citizen and Distinguished Community Service awards.

The carousel donor had a wealth of carousel knowledge & had carousel loving acquaintances around the country.

One has experience with social media, crowd funding and loves mechanical work.

Two state grange leaders contribute their successful fundraising and grant writing skills to the project along with their wide network of other Granger folks.

Another has real estate experience and played a key role in creating a rural water district in the Row River Valley.

Two whom work closely with youth on community service and legislative projects.

A board adviser/investor is a researcher and bookkeeper whose perseverance spearheaded the creation of a welcome center at the CG Airport.

A retired Weyerhauser engineer/project manager helms our restoration efforts and created several conceptual building designs to fit potential locations for a permanent site.

A former Lane County Commissioner with 30+ years of community organizing uses her knowledge of rural economic development and public relations & grant writing skills to support the project.

Another played a pivotal role in retaining a local hospital here.

Two school district retirees-turned-entrepreneurs & community volunteers have used their carousel passion to build several local businesses with a carousel theme.

Our board advisers are current or retired business owners,

a former mayor and bank manager, a current city councilor,

and a former county commissioner who is now a city department manager.